Choosing Signs

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Filmed on location in Cork, Ireland, "Choosing Signs" is a multi award-winning comedy/drama about an American woman who follows the signs of the Universe all the way to Ireland, only to discover that when it comes to love, the Universe may not always be on her side. The film premiered at Tribeca Cinemas NYC as an official selection of the Golden Egg Film Festival 2013, in which it won Choosing Signstwo awards including "Best Feature Film.” Its west coast premiere was at AOF International Film Festival 2013, in which it won “Best Foreign Feature” and “Best Sound Design”. It also won “Best Foreign Feature” and “Best Score/Soundtrack” at the Laughlin International Film Festival 2013. Other awards include “Best Actress” and “Best Supporting Actress”.

"Fans of Silver Linings Playbook will recognize the quirky but ultimately heartfelt world these characters inhabit. There is, first and foremost, a love story, between a down-to-earth Irishman and an up-in-the-air American woman who makes life-choices by consulting the Choosing Signspowers of the Universe. Eamon is all blarney and puppy-dog affability; Jennifer is tightly wound. That is partly because of the other two males in her life: a brother with serious mental issues and a fiancé caught up in a mad scheme to provide low-cost immigrant housing. Eamon, for all his good cheer, turns out to be fighting his own demons. The final major character is an acerbic Russian housekeeper, played by the award-winning Betsy Douds. It is she who triggers the crisis that ultimately helps the others get their lives in order. This is a story about various kinds of failure to communicate, but there is hope for them all in the end. This award-winning Irish film is very sweet, endearing, and funny."

"Choosing Signs" was recently selected to be the first independent film to receive a Choosing Signs at The Mettheatrical release by the Met Cinema in Oakhurst, Calfiornia. The film played 3 to 4 times daily for one week in October 2013. Films playing concurrently on the theater's other screens were "Gravity", "Don Jon" and "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." The response to "Choosing Signs" was very positive.

Some audience members posted the following comments on The Met facebook page:

"I finally got a chance to see "Choosing Signs" . . . and I was so happy I did. My sister and I laughed so hard . . . I really feel it was one of the best movies I've seen at the Met."
TERA MC . . .

"My parents and I went to see it last Tuesday. We absolutely LOVED Choosing Signs. I loved the song choices used in the movie. Any chance of purchasing a soundtrack?"

"We saw Choosing Signs on Thursday night and absolutely LOVED it!"

"What a great little film.  Acting, comedy, story line.  Everything. Truly a gem in a sea of fake stones." (Submitted through the film's website after a screening in LA).
Maggie F . . .